Platform for retail venture investments in innovative startups
XStarter Accelerator & Venture Investment Platform
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Combining Innovation and Investment
Discovering the Best Projects on the Market
Contributing to the Development of the Ecosystem
XStarter explores the potential of the market, identifies and supports the best ideas and projects
XStarter invests at an early stage and helps projects with packaging, marketing, and creating a technically better product
Presentation about us
XStarter is a decentralized accelerator that brings together innovative projects of various technological ecosystems and a wide community of retail investors
Opportunity to Improve the Standard of Living
Low Entry Threshold
Secure Venture Capital Investments for Thousands of People
Attracting new retail investments
Quick launch of the startup to the market
Help to bring the product to the ideal
Share the best experience in finance, marketing and technology
Providing finance for development at an early stage
Selection and evaluation of the best projects and ideas
Expert analysis of startups from all over the world
Personal accounts of platform participants
Web3.0 authorization
Smart contract for the initial placement of project tokens
Built-in pool for purchasing platform tokens
Applying for a tier for investment during the sale period
Sales marketplace with metrics and analytics
Track your personal progress in participating in sales
Staking section
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John Smith
John Smith
Ac feugiat nam convallis quis
John Smith
Ac feugiat nam convallis quis